Troy Library & Opportunity Center


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Planning Phase


In 2020, a community assessment completed by Montana Economic Developers Association, quantified clear community need for a community resource center, as well as desire for a space to safely congregate, learn new skills, and discover opportunities. In a community assessment completed by Zero-to-Five Lincoln County, people in Troy also identified a desire for programming to help build the resiliency of families and support parents and caregivers. Further need for this project is demonstrated in the 2019 Lincoln County Health Assessment, which identifies interrelated challenges experienced by people in Lincoln County, including substance abuse disorder, mental health challenges, and experiences of family violence and injury. In response to voices in our community, Lincoln County Library and the TLOC partners began planning for the creation of a place where these challenges could be addressed.


In the next few months, tell us what YOU want to see in YOUR facility. Look for vision boards around town and at the Troy Branch. Attend a vision session or listening group. The Troy Library and Opportunity Center should represent the wants, needs and dreams of the Troy community.


With your input, the TLOC committee will develop partnership agreements, an operational plan, and a sustainability plan for the programmatic needs of the project.


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