Board of Directors

The Board of Trustees of the Lincoln County Public Library is composed of five appointed volunteers, who may each serve two consecutive five-year terms. The public library board is created by law to act as the citizen governing body of the library. Trustees are responsible for determining policies, procedures and purposes of the library.  Trustees are responsible for developing and submitting an annual budget and hiring the library director.  Trustees are also responsible for working to ensure that the library is able to offer comprehensive and effective service to the community.

Past board minutes are located in the Libby library. Inquire at the circulation desk.

Current Board Members

Bryan Kaufman, Eureka Representative – Chair
Marilyn McDougall, Troy Representative
Kate Huntsberger, Libby Representative – Vice Chair
Russ Barnes, Libby Representative
Beth Schweitzer, Member at Large

Attention: Looking for New Trustee

April 24, 2015

Lincoln County Public Libraries is seeking a library trustee to serve on its board of directors. This is a volunteer position. Interested persons must submit their name and short bio/qualifications in person to the library director no later than Friday May 8, 2015 by 6pm. Any applicants after that will not be considered. Please call 406-283-2470 if you have any questions.