Children’s Programming

Science Wonder

July 1, 10am Ages 6 -12, Join Ms. Powers as she teaches you some “Science Wonder” activities to amaze your friends.

July 2, 4pm Summer Adventure Program Ages 6 – 12: Join us for some great science activities that will amaze your friends.

Fizz Pop Science

July 8, 10am Ages 6-12, it’s “Fizz, Pop, Science” time. Learn to make a miniature volcano or a lava bottle.

July 9, 4pm Summer Adventure Program Ages 6 – 12:  Join us for another “Fizz, Pop, Science” adventure. Learn to make a miniature volcano or a lava bottle.

Science and Art

July 15, 10am Ages 6-12, Learn how to create some fun paint and chalk art at the library.

July 16, 4pm Summer Adventure Program: join us as we mix science and art to make some exciting creations using paint and chalk.

Scavenger Hunt

July 22, 10am Ages 6-12, Join us at the library for a scientific scavenger hunt and win some prizes.

July 23, 4pm Summer Adventure Program: Scientific Scavenger Hunt at the library.  Join us for a scavenger hunt to have some fun and win some prizes.

Capillary Action

July 29, 10am Ages 6-12, it’s Alive: Biological Science. Join us as we explore some “capillary action” at the library.

July 30, 4pm Summer Adventure Program: Join us once again at the library for “It’s Alive: Biological Science” We’ll be learning how capillaries work using flowers or vegetables and dye.


Montana is for Kids Excellent site for kids. They can learn about the state using puzzles, games, and pictures.

Exploring Earth Sciences Great site for young minds wanting to know about science activities dealing with Montana. Site includes Montana maps. Great resource for all ages!