Teen Progamming


Strawberry DNA Berry Biology

Thursday July 3rd 4pm at the Libby Library - Think DNA is too small to see? Not if you get enough of it! Learn how to extract DNA from a strawberry and see it for yourself.

Build a Computer  Build a Computer

Thursday July 10th 4pm at the Libby Library, join Mr. Thompson of the Central School to learn how to build a computer from spare parts.

Papermaking Papermaking

Thursday July 17th 4pm at the Libby Library, learn how to make your own paper with Ms. Rambo of LHS.

CSI CSI: Lincoln County

Thursday July 24th 4pm at the Libby Library, learn how crimes are really solved from Detective Nagle and Detective Hall.


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Young Adult Book Central
Read reviews and look at author interviews and upcoming releases. Let the library know if you see books you like that are not yet in the Lincoln County collection.